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    Thanks for taking the time to check out the life and times of this one woman shop! With a big heart, especially for the military, I love to get to know each and every one of my clients. This best helps me to serve you and to design a session that will be a fun and interesting experience. Whether you are looking for a commercial job or a personal portrait, I am happy to create for you. I am a lover of all things vintage, fashion and photo journalism, and my style blends all of those to bring your session to life.

    My fiance and I spend time absorbed in history and all things arts & crafts, exploring our new surroundings in North Carolina and of course playing with our little fur baby!

    I am a big 'ol history nerd and I fancy music, video games, critters and of course art! If you want to know more, head on over to the 'about me' section. Please feel free to share, pin, comment and be as active as possible here! I look forward to working with you soon!

Not seeing posts from your favourite companies on FB? Read why here!

Ahh, Facebook. We love to hate it, and we are starting to hate to love it. Facebook became a big part of business. It is a great way for us to reach amazing clients, fans and even people looking to be inspired by us (what a great feeling that is!). It was almost required for businesses to get a Facebook page in order for them to be considered as having a great social media presence. Now? For every fan we get on on our FB Business page, our % of people that see our posts go down.

Wait. What?

Yes. You read that right. As our fan base grows, the “organic reach” or amount of people that can see our posts in their feed (without clicking on our business page) dwindles. A little while ago, FB created “promoted” posts, “promoted” contests and the opportunity to have your business appear in everyone’s feed as a “sponsored” business. Well, every one of those options are $ signs. There are inexpensive options where we can spend $5 a day to get up to 10 likes per day.

But here’s the catch….

Every time someone new likes the FB business page, again, the “organic reach” goes down. So we spend money to help people see our page only so they can’t see our posts anyway. This doesn’t seem right to me. Mark Zuckerberg (head of Facebook) is now saying that all business pages are going to have to pay extra fee’s to make it so that you (the person that Liked the business page of your choice) can see the content you’re choosing to see. And even if we pay to garner likes, you still won’t be able to see that post unless we pay another fee to promote that ONE particular post in hopes that your friends like it too.

Forbes recently exposed this new plan that Facebook has been slowly implementing, and seems just as displeased as the businesses involved. As they said, “The end game here is that a message posted on a brand page will not be shown to anyone unless it gathers a notable number of likes from a user’s friends. If their friends like a post, if there is a visible adoption of the post by the community, only then the post has earned the right to be shown organically”.

Data on Organic reach from

Data from


From October 2013 to February 2014 — only 4 months — Facebook has cut the visibility for small businesses (under 100K likes) by 48.58%. For me, with about 900 likes (currently), between 20-100 people see my posts on a daily basis. If there is a link to an external site, including this blog, that drops to 5-35 people. If there is an image, it stays at about 25-80 people seeing it “organically”, meaning without me paying for it.

Want to read the post from Forbes? Check it out here.


So in the end, paying for “likes” isn’t getting anyone anywhere – and it seems like paying for promoted posts isn’t going to help either!

Make sure you take the moment to check out your favourite photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, bakery, caterer or any other provider’s website or business information to see if they have a blog. Too much to keep up with all at once? Check out an RSS reader, where new posts from all of your favourite providers can be delivered to your email, phone, tablet or by carrier pigeon. Okay, maybe not the pigeon, but you get the idea! RSS Readers are super easy to use. One of the most popular ones out there is “Feedly” (Android/IOS/Web). You can also set RSS Feeds in your Flipboard app on your phone and tablet! I love this app.



Feed yourself the info that you choose, not the stuff that huge businesses can afford to keep shelling out money for.

Support small businesses!

We look forward to seeing you out and about supporting your local small businesses.



If you reference this blog post when you contact me for your session, you’ll receive $25 off your boudoir session fee or military homecoming package!


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What to wear Wednesday: Marie Antoinette!

Let Them Eat Cake


I love history. I love anything vintage and I especially love lingerie that is inspired by those two! When I saw this inspiration set, I about fell over. There is something just so timeless about a dusty rose or a soft cream coloured lingerie set. Oh, and stockings. You can’t forget stockings, as it just ties the entire look together.

Okay, on to history. So Marie Antoinette was a very interesting person in history. To put it bluntly? She was known as a lavish, expensive and spoiled bitch. Yes. Bitch. But even through some contempt, she was beautiful and she knew it. She spent incredible amounts of money on gluttonous food, her wigs, her makeup and most notably her clothing. As we all know her fate, what we don’t all know is her history of racy behaviour; including being quite proud of her sexuality. In the past decade or so, Marie Antoinette has become a fashion inspiration, especially for undergarments. So whether you’re thinking about a themed shoot, or maybe just some inspiration for your session, look to history!


Drop me a line and lets talk about your sexy history inspired session!



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Lets talk face, shall we?



We’re surrounded by media of beautiful people. Whether you love them, hate them or are completely ambivalent to them – celebrities can show us a thing or two when it comes to makeup. I mean, they can’t even go to the grocery store without looking like they’re ready for a Hollywood party, lest they be Perez Hilton’d or TMZ’d, am I right? Here’s a dirty little secret…. I love it when the ‘rags catch stars without their makeup. Know why? It proves something… it proves they’re human! We see Hollywood stars in all their glory, whether it’s slathered in HD Makeup ready for the cameras or being Photoshopped within an inch of their life on the covers of fashion magazines and we all know that seeing this intense perfection can be damning to our own self confidence.

“Oh my god. Look at (insert star’s name here). Her curves are amazing. Her face is flawless! And her hair? Seriously, can we talk about her hair for a second… or twenty?” This is a common thing to hear in the world of women. We look at these gorgeous stars and forget that they have hair stylists on call. Makeup artists waiting for the phone to ring. Personal trainers that come to them multiple times a week. People to help cook their meals…. And when you have a self sufficient star that rocks her own hair/makeup/body, etc. we feel like complete failures as we look on in our tank tops and yoga pants. Seriously. Whoever invented yoga pants, thank you.

Anyway…. We aren’t perfect. Neither are they. They are faulted and usually very self conscious as well. One of their tricks in their arsenal? Contouring. They used it in the movie 300 to help the men have even crazier abs than they already did. Kim Kardashian has perfected it. Again, whether you love them or hate them- we can learn.

When you have a boudoir session with me (or any photographer for that matter) please do not do yourself the disservice of not having a makeup artist and hair stylist. With me, it is included in half of my packages and is a very affordable add on for those that want to go the a la carte route. This makeup artist is trained in the amazing art of shaping your natural beauty into something that rivals those stars you look up to. Want to be a sultry vixen with smokey eyes and a gorgeous nude lip? Check. Want to go pinup retro with an immaculate cat eye and ruby red lips? Done. Want your face to look like it’s popping off the page? ahhh, now we’re talking!

This is contouring. The ability to shape your face without Photoshop. My makeup artists can do this with ease, but what happens when you have an event to go to, are short on funds to hire an on-call makeup artist or you are just daring and want to try it yourself? Well then, you use this to help you along!

That looks intimidating, but just breathe. Makes you appreciate that awesome makeup artist even more now, huh? Those gals (and guys) can do this in their sleep with one hand tied behind their back. Trust me. I’m even in awe!



1.Take your under eye concealer and cover underneath your eye. This is usually a shade slightly lighter than your normal foundation. Draw a few lines in a diagonal half v line. Do the same on the other side of your face. Take the same concealer and draw some lines on your chin and the center of your forehead.

2. Take a darker concealer stick (about 3 shades or so darker) and draw a line in the hollow of your cheeks, on the base of your hairline and edges of your jaw. At this point it’ll look like war paint or a really bad Halloween ensemble. Don’t panic.

3. Take your beauty blender (You… you do have one, right? If not, click here and fix that!) and make sure you dampen it if you have oily skin. Roll to blend your lighter concealer into the skin. Be patient. This will take a few moments. Roll blending will ensure even coverage whereas dragging the blender will cause streaks.

5. Take a setting powder for the final touches. Take a kabuki brush or a large blush brush and roll the powder onto your highlighted areas. Make sure there isn’t too much on there. You don’t want to look cakey. Make sure to really bond the concealer and the powder together so that everything stays in place all day.4. When you start blending the darker color into the skin remember to either wash your sponge or use the other side of the sponge. We don’t want to mix the light and dark colors together. Make sure you blend the darker color very evenly. Blend it slightly into the lighter color of the contours.

6. Take a bronzer and do the same thing on the darker areas.

7. Take a really big fluffy powder brush and lightly dip it in the bronzer. Blow off excess and swirl it around your face. Go lightly and make sure to swirl. This creates an airbrushed effect!

8. Step back and marvel at the masterpiece you’ve created!



 Here’s some examples of what it looks like during the process. Yeah. this is a great time to lock yourself in the bathroom and not let your significant other see what’s happening. I’m sure they’re going to wonder who you’re going to war with!


DeKay Boudoir: Kim Kardashian before and after makeup.

Want to see what it looks like after? Here’s the Mistress of Contouring…. Kim Kardashian without makeup and after contouring and adding her smokey eye!

Just be careful not to go too heavy on your blush on top of all the contouring. It’s very easy to go from porcelain doll to street walker in just a few extra strokes.


Go on darling. Give it a try and experiment! But when it comes to your boudoir session, lets let you not worry about all of this. Sit back, relax, drink a glass of wine or champagne and let us pamper you. Then, go on home and share your sexy glam look with your loved one! I look forward to helping you realize just how beautiful you are!

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What to Wear Wednesday: Lady GaGa Inspired!

I love a combination of racy and fun. There’s absolutely nothing better than pushing a few boundaries, whether it’s society or personal. Why not use your boudoir session to really let go and enjoy everything? Sure, these aren’t too outlandish, but these are a wonderful jumping off point for the feint of heart!
Poking around for some great inspiration, I found this post over on Bella Bella Boutique’s blog, and HAD to reshare.  Credit for putting this awesome inspiration set goes to them!

What to Wear Wednesdays: Valentines Edition!

So, you’re booking a boudoir session for Valentine’s day, and you’re not sure what to wear? That’s okay! Don’t panic! Between my Pinterest and Polyvore, I’m sure that we can find something to match your style and what makes his engine rev!
Here we have a great example of something sweet for Valentine’s day! Boudoir can be as modest or daring as you’d like. You can start totally modest and end up baring as much as you’re comfortable with. These outfits below offer some great ideas for all comfort zones. If you’re a curvy gal, don’t fret! You can find very similar styles to these over at my fav website for us curvy gals: Hips & Curves (or many others). I’ll be happy to show some great examples of lingerie for us curvy ladies!
Wait… You haven’t booked your session yet? You should really hurry. My Valentine’s special is only valid until January 31, 2014 and availability is extremely limited (like… 2 slots left kind of limited!)
Drop me a line and book today to secure that package, or opt for a larger gift package!
Something For Your Sweetheart
I can’t wait to get your session going! Lets chat and see how we can make it happen!
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